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Lexington County is positioning itself to be a forerunner in the nuclear services industry.  The array of global suppliers amidst the county are positioned to play a central role in the nuclear field. As challenges spark innovation, and opportunity inspires growth, approximately 75% of new planned reactors in the United States are found in the Southeast Corridor.  Six new plants are currently in the works across the Carolinas alone, and Northeast Lexington County is at the epicenter of all this nuclear activity.

South Carolina is quickly educating a new generation of nuclear technicians through its nuclear systems technology programs.  Local economic development practitioners, within the nuclear cluster, are aggregately working together to ensure that South Carolina has the strongest, most well-trained and well-organized workforce in the industry. 

SCANA and Santee Cooper have helped catapult the state to the nation’s third highest nuclear energy generating state. The local nuclear industry currently boasts a significant supply chain; however, continued expansion is needed to meet the energy demands of the 21st century.  Small modular reactors may drive energy needs in the future. 

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