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Aviation and Aerospace

Aviation and Aerospace enjoy a long reputation in South Carolina and the Midlands.  From the Doolittle Raiders to the UPS Hub, both had tremendous impact in the development of the Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE).  After WWII, the land involved in the campaign was donated to Lexington County.  The UPS Southeastern Hub is an important cog in the company’s cargo system.  Fed Ex also partakes in the large volume of cargo that CAE processes. 

In addition to cargo, the cluster formation involving aviation and aerospace centers around the repair and maintenance of aircraft.  Companies like West Star Aviation, Eagle Aviation, Columbia Aviation and Atlantic Southeast Airlines all perform, refurb or maintain operations from the CAE Airport in Lexington County.  We also plan to focus on the satellite companies that will make up the supply chain for the Boeing expansion in Charleston, a mere 90 miles to the South. 

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