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The agribusiness of agriculture and forestry in Lexington County is one of the largest economic clusters in the county; thus, creating the greatest impact.  Agribusiness provides almost 200,000 jobs in the State of South Carolina. Some of the farms in Lexington County include: W.P. Rawl & Sons, James R. Sease Farms, Clayton Rawl Farms Inc, Columbia Farms and Amick Farms.

The Certified SC Grown has recently become a branding and marketing tool, created by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, available for consumers to easily identify products grown locally.  A few of the Certified SC Grown businesses consist of: Four Oaks Farm, Dixie Ridge Growers, Greener Acres Organic Farms, Heritage Fields Farm, S.W. Shumpert Milk, LLC, and The Farmers Shed.

The S.C. Farmer’s Market provides the agricultural community with an experience that is second to none. The user-friendly atmosphere includes an exhibition kitchen and a restaurant and bakery.

To learn about the South Carolina Agriculture Council in South Carolina, click here.

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